Below are some Aran Crochet Stitches for Left-Handers in alphabetical order.  These are intermediate stitches for crocheters who have a solid understanding of the basic beginning stitches (slip knot, chain, single crochet, double crochet, and slip stitch).

If you want to see the video on full screen, simply click center arrow to start the video, then click the box that appears in the lower right corner.  To return to the small box size (as it now appears), click that same button in the lower right corner again.


The Arrow Stitch



The Basket Weave


The Braided Cable


The Cable Stitch


The Celtic Weave


Celtic Weave in the Round


Crocheted Post Ribbing


The Diamond Stitch


The Fishbone Cable


The Four-Stitch Post Cable


The Honeycomb Stitch


The Knurl (or Crab, or Reverse Single Crochet)


The Low Back Ridge


The Low Front Ridge


The Popcorn Stitch


Shell Stitch with Picot


Single Crochet Ribbing


The Wheat Stitch


The Woven Stitch