More from the CGOA Conference in Manchester, NH

Here are some more photos of the happenings from Manchester.  Please note that while yarn and crocheting are a big part of our time together, the best part by far is the people we meet!  Crocheters (and other fiber folks) are some of the best in the world.  They are usually very accepting of others, and are quick to encourage!

Meeting up with Kate Steinke, who is now on the CGOA board!  She was one of the very first people I met 4 years ago in Greensboro, NC when she headed up the buddy program for new attendees.


My daughter Hannah and her new friend Nora...


This was one of the highlights for me!  With only about 1 hour of practice under our belts, we performed our parody version "Ripping Out is Hard to Do" to the old tune "Breaking up is Hard to Do".  I think most of the crocheters could relate!


Jennifer Ryan (Celtic Knot Crochet) sang the lead for us!


My dear friend and neighbor Terri Mitchell did an amazing job acting out the words to the song.  For those of you who didn't know, Terri is a professionally-trained and extremely gifted puppeteer!


My sweet friends and me getting ready for the CGOA Banquet and Fashion Show...


I had the honor of photographing all the items shown in the fashion show!  Here my daughter Becky and designer Doris Chan model Doris's Bolero Shrug...


Terri is modeling some of Mainly Crochet's designs that are now available! (  I loved making this poncho in the fall colors...


Here are some more of my designs that are available through Mainly Crochet.


One classy lady wearing a beautiful crocheted ensemble.  She crocheted everything herself!


This is my daughter Hannah's first time hitting the runway at a CGOA Fashion Show!  


This is "Doolin Delight" Sweater Wrap, which is one of the new designs in the Contemporary Celtic Crochet book (  The photo below shows the back section that acts as a sweater, and not just a stole...


Marcy Smith (of Interweave) welcomes Jenny King and the ladies that came with her from Australia!


Meeting up with Carlotta Craig and her lovely sister was another highlight for all of us!




The 2014 Knit & Crochet Show: Manchester, NH

As promised, here are some scenes from my first two days at the knit & crochet show here in Manchester! This year my friend Jennifer Ryan led the way with the crocheted yarn bombing, both inside and outside the hotel where the conference is being held. We are having a wonderful time meeting old friends and making new ones. The people are by far the best part of this experience. Anyway, enough talk and on to the photos!

CGOA is officially 20 years old!


Indoor yarn bombing...with one of my samples!  Now why didn't I think of doing this before?







Can you find the bird nest and crocheted eggs?



Becky found a new crocheted friend:  Olaf!




This is probably the only snake I can possibly tolerate!


Yes...even the ladies room was yarn bombed!


This amazingly beautiful crocheted anniversary cake designed by my dear friend and designer Carlotta Craig is both calorie free with lots of fiber!  : )


Terri, Becky & Hannah try making Red Heart Yarns free "make and take" at the Crocheville booth...




My friends Tony & Randy Caviliere beside Randy's work with Red Heart's reflective yarn.  This photo was with existing light, and the one below was taken with flash...


Why is Becky so happy about these yarn colors???  Look at the photo below:


My first chance to meet Mary Beth Temple, author of Curvy Girl Crochet and many other wondeful crochet books!


Meeting Anita from Dallas, Texas!  Folks are from all over the U.S. at this conference and are the best!


 Even the doggies who sit still long enough get yarn bombed in Manchester this year!   






A Sneak Peak of "Contemporary Celtic Crochet"...

Just this week I received my advanced copy of my new book, Contemporary Celtic Crochet:  24 Cabled Designs for Sweaters, Scarves, Hats and More.  These will finally be available in mid-September from the Interweave Store ( and Amazon (, but I would like to share some images with you right now!  Any crocheter with knowledge of the most basic stitches should be able to complete most of the designs in this book.  The book begins with a photo, step-by-step stitch dictionary, in alphabetical order, to help you on your way. Should you require more help, you can always come to this website ( and check out the free instructional videos for either right or left-handers.  Should you desire step by step instruction, I have filmed 6 one hour long videos with Craft Daily, which will also be available this fall, so stay tuned!

Aran Diamonds Cardigan and/or Vest...This is one of my favorite designs and I have waited a few years to see this design in a book!


Pennywhistler's Pack and Purse - an excellent confident beginner project!  If we ever meet at a conference, or during on of my travels, I will most likely be wearing one of these (or one of a similiar design) on my back.  I love being able to carry my belongings with me, but safely and with my arms and hands free.  These are also easily washable in your washing machine using a mesh bag.


Baby Feet Baby Blanket...for the youngest family member or for a special gift! Celebrate the amazing gift of life with a stitched imprint of baby feet.


Liffy in a Jiffy Stole - This can be completed in a weekend...Named for the River Liffy which runs through the city of Dublin, this is one of my favorite stole patterns particularly because it can be made in a jiffy!


A Golden Opportunity

My bags are officially unpacked, and the sound of the washer machine is now purring in the background as I sit to catch you up on the latest at Bonnie Bay Crochet. For the past several days I've been in Golden, Colorado for some work with Craft Daily, which films and distributes (via internet subscriptions) craft instructional videos. I am particularly excited about this project because I was able to film 6 one hour long videos, each walking through the step by step process of creating a project from my first book Contemporary Celtic Crochet, which is going to be available very soon! This will be especially helpful for the crocheter who knows many stitches but has been hesitant to dive into a sweater project. The videos are hosted by a delightful young lady named Ashley Briggs (left in photo below), who was instrumental in helping me to feel relaxed and making my job easy! 


These ladies were so much fun and worked hard too!  The dress form is showing a sneak peak of the "Busking Beauty" Sweater Wrap made using Cestari's Cotton/Wool blend yarn.


Getting ready to shoot the first project: notice that table on the left holding all those supplies that are off camera.


A behind the scenes look of the stage...


I felt just about as tired as I look in this photo following two full days of filming for Craft Daily. Ashley was wonderful and she knows a lot about crocheting!

After two full days of filming, my husband and I headed to Breckenridge to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary a week early. This was my first time driving in the Rocky Mountains, which proved to be a very worshipful experience! Despite experiencing some mild altitude sickness (due to the reduced oxygen at 10,000+ feet), we had a very sweet, memorable time together. Rather than tell you about it, let me show you...

Watching the sun begin to set from Look Out Mountain outside Golden, CO...


We were amazed at the view as we watched the many thunderstorms develop in the distance followed by a continuous lightening show! Now I understand John Denver's lyrics in the song Rocky Mountain High when he sings, "I've seen it raining fire in the sky..."

Visiting Red Rocks in Morrison...


An elk cow who came up to me near the summit in Rocky Mountain National Park...


A most memorable traffic jam!


An elk bull grazing right along the road.  For the record, we stayed in the car!


We enjoyed breakfast at this Parisien bakery in Breckenridge.


A view of some of the slopes at Breckenridge.  All we need is some snow!



New Free Patterns: Divine Textured Throw & Pillows

Are you looking for an afghan project that you can carry with you even in the summer heat?  The Divine Textured Throw & Pillows is crocheted one square at a time and can travel with you where ever you go this summer! Make one for a Christmas gift, or use a neutral color for any time of the year!  If you aren't up for a large project, try your hand on a pillow two.  As always, if you need any help with these stitches, simply check out the free instructional videos (under Aran crochet) on this site.