Book Review: Vintage Modern Crochet by Robyn Chachula

Vintage Modern Crochet by Robyn Chachula

$24.95 (Sale price $18.99)

Interweave has done it again with another beautiful crochet book compiled by Robyn Chachula! This book features many of Interweave's top designers: Shalby Allaho, Brenda K.B. Anderson, Moon Eldridge, Megan Granhols, Cristina Mershon, Kristin Omdahl, Anastasia Popova, Laurinda Reddig, Natasha Robarge, and Rebecca Velasquez.

Field Cardigan by Robyn Chachula, p. 71

As you would expect, this book delivers stunning photography and many views of the 20 stylish projectsit contains.  Every project also has clear stitch diagrams for the crocheter who depends upon these. 

Temperance Jewelry by Robyn Chachula, p. 83 

Vintage Modern Crochet offers just about everything from sweaters to hats, scarfs, headbands and yes, crocheted jewelry! Robyn Chachula's Temperance Jewelry (photo above) can add the pop you need for any outfit. You can also try your hand at crocheting with wire with "Syrah Cuffs". If you are not so adventurous as that, you can just grab any thread you have on hand instead!

Leopold Pullover by Robyn Chachula, p. 45 

Many of these design are crochet lace. The Leopold Pullover (above) features a texturized lace for a lovely summer pullover. I just love the look of the Bromelia Infinity Scarf, made using a sport weight linen/silk blend. 

 Bromelia Infinity Scarf by Moon Eldridge, p. 19


 Aine Fascinator and Headband by Brenda K.B. Anderson, p. 97

The Aine Fascinator can be worn as a head piece (as shown above) or simply as a headband. 

 Fleur Swing Top by Megan Granholm, p. 139

I think the Fleur Swing summer top (above) with the asymmetrical button placement in the front is really cute!

 Fidelma Motif Shawl by Cristina Mershon, p. 89

This book has you literally covered when it comes to that special summer shawl you need to ward off the chill whether it is do to a cool morning, or that chilly indoor air conditioning! 

Celtic Cross Wrap by Laurinda Reddig, p. 67 


Yasmine Shawl by Rebecca Velasquez, p. 119 

The Yasmine Shawl if for the crocheter looking for a challenge that will take their skills up a notch or two by learning more about Tunisian Lace.

 Guipure Top by Natasha Robarge, p. 103

I have saved my personal two favorite designs in this book for last: the Guipure Top, and the Kidwell Garden Wrap. With summer just around the corner, I have been looking for a crocheted top to wear over tank tops, and this could be it! The Irish crocheted style is elegant and practical for the hot days ahead. This is definitely going on my list! 

Close up of Irish Crochet detail of Guipure Top... 


Kidwell Garden Wrap by Shelby Allaho, p.13

I love, love, love the large and open look of this Kidwell Garden Wrap! This design can dress up any casual summer shirt or dress, as well as bring bold color to your outfit. Let's hope this one gets done too!

This Friday, May 20th, I will be giving away a free copy of this book, courtesy of Interweave. To enter, please e-mail me at bonniebay@me.com and simply say, "ENTER ME!" and you will be included in the drawing.  If you are not a subscriber to the Bonnie Bay Crochet Newsletter and would like to be added, just add, "SUBSCRIBE ME TO YOUR NEWSLETTER!" and I will add you to the list. For your information, I will NEVER EVER use your e-mail address for anything else. Period.  



Cabled Cherub Baby Blanket

I am so happy to share this new crocheted cabled baby blanket pattern with you! Thanks to Cascade Yarns, this pattern can be provided for free. It features the honeycomb stitch, the wheat stitch, the four post cable and trimmed using a picot shell border.

I so loved working with this yarn! Cascade's Cherub DK is 8 ply, 55% Nylon, 45% Acrylic (180 yards/50 grams per ball) yarn. There is absolutely nothing stiff or rough about this yarn! It has a very lovey sheen and lots and lots of wonderful drape. You can find out more about this yarn here.

Should you have any trouble with any of these stitches, you can check out my individual videos on the specific stitch, or even better, you can view my free instructional video on this project! I have broken this down into two parts...

Even though this blanket may look complicated at first glance, it really isn't. It is worked in one continuous piece, so there is no sewing required! Once you have a basic understanding of how the cables are formed, you are ready to begin your foundation rows. After that, you simply continue to work these cables until you reach the desired length of your blanket. You can download the pattern here.

Should you crochet one of these blankets, I would love to see it! You can reach me at bonniebay@me.com, or on Facebook at Bonnie Bay Crochet. Happy crocheting!



Book Review: Continuous Crochet by Kristin Omdahl

Continuous Crochet by Kristin Omdahl

Interweave Store $22.99


As you would expect from a veteran crochet designer, this book by Kristin Omdahl delivers beautiful, stylish designs! The sub-title reads:  “Create seamless sweaters, shrugs, shall, and more with MINIMAL FINISHING!” If you are a crocheter like me, you will totally appreciate the words “seamless” and “minimal finishing” in that last sentence. While my crochet hook and I are forever friends, the sewing needle and I are not.  

 Alfresco by the Lake Belted Cape, p. 46

Most of these designs are very approachable for any crocheter who knows the basic foundational stitches. As long as you are careful to check your gauge, you should have no trouble reading these patterns, especially with the lovely stitch diagrams provided for every project.

 Heather Plum Chain Flower Hat, p. 10

Some designs incorporate new stitches, such as the Ramblin’ Rose Hairpin Lace Shawl (p. 76). The directions for working this stitch are not detailed, but finding a video on Youtube is only a few clicks away if you are like me and need the visual help for this stitch. You will need a hairpin lace loom set, but I think this shawl is worth the effort.

Ramblin' Rose Hairpin Lace Shawl, p. 76


I just love the beautiful photography that we have come to expect from Interweave publications. This book also provides numerous views of each design, which is always a plus.

Enchanted Diamonds Textured & Picot Mesh Scarf, p. 30

As with any published work, I am drawn to many of the designs, but not all, and I think this is normal for any crochet book that I have ever purchased. Even if I am drawn to only a few designs (although I enjoy most in this book), I still see this as an excellent investment considering the cost of buying single patterns. 

Sorrento Sunset Starburst Shawl, p. 62

Some of my favorites include the Enchanted Diamonds Textured & Picot Mesh Scarf (p. 31), African Violets Raglan Capelet (p. 52), Sausalito Sparkle Offset Lace Shawl (p. 58), and Geisha Fan Petal Stitch Shrug (p. 108). I especially like Kristin's new take on a the traditional ripple design in her Sorrento Sunset Starburst Shawl (p. 62).

African Violets Raglan Capelet (p. 52)


Sausalito Sparkle Offset Lace Shawl, p. 58

My favorite design in this book is the Isle of Capri Motif Pullover (p. 94)!  I love everything about this summer sweater:  the modest, feminine design, the choice of a natural, breathable fiber, the crochet motif, and of course the lovely teal color!

 Isle of Capri Motif Pullover (p. 94)


To learn more about Kristin Omdahl and her lovely designs, check out her website here. Continuous Crochet can be purchased from the Interweave Store as well as from Amazon.

This week (April 25 - 29, 2016), I will be giving away a copy of Continuous Crochet (courtesy of Interweave) to one of my BonnieBayCrochet Newsletter subscribers! If you have not signed up for this monthly newsletter, you can sign up HERE (at bottom of page) and you will be automatically entered. (I promise NEVER to sell your e-mail addresses for any other purpose, PERIOD.) The winner will be announced this Friday on my Facebook page, as well as contacted directly via e-mail.



New Catrina Cabled Wrap! (FREE Pattern)

I'm so very excited to share this new FREE pattern, courtesy of Cascade Yarns! This pattern features a new way to crochet a larger wheat cable, and combines it alongside a texturized fabric.

Catrina can be worn as a wrap, a wrap around poncho (using a shawl pin or broach), or even as an oversized, thick scarf!

Should you need it to be longer than shown, simply add rows (in multiples according to the length of a cable). Using Cascade Yarn's Ecological Wool (bulky weight) yarn and a size L crochet hook, you can wrap this project up in a weekend or less.

As always, should you need additional help with the stitch work, you will find the free instructional videos for the stitches you need on my Bonnie Bay Crochet Youtube channel. If you become a subscriber, you won't miss a stitch! You can find the free pattern here.


Launch of the Bonnie Bay Crochet Newsletter!

We have just launched the first Bonnie Bay Crochet Newsletter! Why a newsletter?? Well, while I appreciate the social media sites, I desire a way to contact my favorite fiber folks that is unhindered by social media administrators. I've heard many speak of the benefits of communicating via a newsletter, but now I understand all the "whys" much more clearly! I am hoping to offer you special savings on my Ravelry store, as well as my newly opened ETSY store - and yes, I will even be selling finished products for a limited time! I also hope to share the news from the homefront, and anything else I find interesting in the world of crochet & beyond. I might even share some recipes here and there! 

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