A Special Free Pattern Just for You: The BIG & BOLD Ribbed Cowl

If you are like me, you are still looking for that something special for a loved one for the upcoming holidays. Here's a new free pattern that is fun to crochet, crochets up quickly, and very practical if you live where the mercury drops into freezing temps. This pattern is easily adjustable to suit your needs.  Choose the type of bulky yarn that YOU like, and with all the many sales going on this time of the year, you'll have plenty to choose from! It only takes one skein (minimum 90 yards/skein) to complete this project, so your wallet will be happy too! Here are a few different colors I've worked up - and most took only one hour to complete. You can find the written pattern on my Ravelry store here. Should you like to see a video tutorial, I will post this below too! 




A Day to Give Thanks...2014

Well, that time of year has rolled around again, and I daresay has gotten here even quicker than the last!  I suppose this is one more sign that I am getting just a bit older.  And with that thought I will begin my incomplete inventory of things, in no special order, for which I am giving thanks this year…

- That I am one year older

- That no one in my household or immediate family was hospitalized for more tha  12 hours this year

- For Grace Church of Clarksburg… I can’t believe we are coming up on one year together!  This really has become the dearest place on earth for me, even though we meet in a rented elementary school.  Isn’t God good?

- For being able to celebrate the high school graduation of my daughter Hannah!

- For complete healing for my son Joseph when he had to have surgery as well as   for healing four of my children following the extraction of 13 wisdom teethcollectively this summer and thereby finance the oral surgeon’s trip to the Riviera or where ever he chose to go… (Anyone who spends their days doing this kind of work deserves a great vacation!)

- For the opportunity to travel to Golden, CO for a film shoot with Craft Daily and to spend some special time with my best friend & hubby driving through the Rocky Mountains this summer

- Making memories while driving with a carload of friends & family to the White Mountains, tent camping in a storm, packing wet gear and then attending the CGOA Conference in Manchester, NH

- For electricity that I mindlessly use in all things that include cooking, cleaning, and just about everything else… Thanks and glory be to God for bringing me into the world during the 20th century and not one century before! 

- For a car that usually starts when I want it to, and for being able to afford the fuel that makes it run… One quick flashback to my childhood days reminds me that this was not always the case for me, and is not an automatic “given” for many folks today.

- For affordable yarn and kind publishers who said, “Yes” to publishing some of my designs, especially for F + W Media taking a chance on my and my first book…

- For the internet which allows me to communicate with some of the most amazing people on the planet who are called “crocheters…”  Words will never be adequate for me to express thanks for the countless times your words of encouragement about a design or stitch helped to lift my spirits and keep me going.  I hope to never grow tired or become too busy to return the blessing right back to you!

- For the blessing of living in one of the freest parts of the entire world, one where 4 of my children are now able to join me in voting (2 for the first time this year) to help choose our leaders and representatives…  So many in the world today will NEVER know this kind of privilege or freedom.

- That my greatest problem that I will ever have in this life has already been taken care of by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when He died in my place for my sin on the Cross at Calvary.


Errata for Contemporary Celtic Crochet


As the author of Contemporary Celtic Crochet and on behalf of the editorial staff of F & W Media, I want to assure you that the patterns and instructions in this book has been carefully reviewed, attempting to ensure that all of the information presented is correct and complete. Occasionally, however, mistakes get past us and make it into print.  I want to personally apologize for any inconvenience these errors may have caused you.  

Should you think you have found an additional error, I want to hear from you so that I can better serve you and others. 

The corrections below are shown using italics and bold print.

Crochet Stitch Guide

Page 6:  Arrow Stitch, photo #8 should read:  “Continue the pattern to the end of the row, ch 2.  Dc in the last st of the row.”

Page 15:  Cable Stitch, photo #3 should read:  *Sk the next 2 unworked sc of the pref row, sc in the next sc.”

Tipperary Sweater & Vest Set

Page 59:  (upper left column) following Row 23 of back instructions, the next sentence should read:  “Rep Right Front Panel Rows 2 - 8.”


Aran Diamonds Cardigan & Vest

Page 94:  Row 24 should read:  “Ch 1.  Sc in next 3 sts, [fptr in sc above next fptr 3 rows below, fptr in sc above next fptr 3 rows below.  Sk 2 Row 23 sts, sc in 4 sts] across row.  Fptr in sc above next to last fptr.  Fptr in last sc 3 rows below, sk 2 Row 23 sts, sc in last st.  Turn.

Page 95:  Top left column of page, Row 3 should read:  “Ch 1.  Sc in the next 4 sts.  Fptr around the 4th sc of foundation row (3 rows below).  Sk 4 sts, fptr around next sc.  On current row sk 2 sts, sc in next 4 sts.  [Fptr around sc 3 rows below next to last fptr made, sk next 4 sc on same row, fptr around next sc.  On current row sk 2 sts, sc in next 4 sts] across to last 2 sts, fptr around sc 3 rows below next to last fptr made.  Sk next st on current row, sc in last st.  Turn.

Page 96:  RIBBING FOR BOTTOM AND COLLAR, Row 3 should read:  “Ch 1, working in the blps only, 1 sc in each sc.  Connect to edge by working a slst in the next 2 sc.  Turn.

BUTTON BAND - LEFT SIDE & RIGHT SIDE, Row 1 should begin with:  “With smaller hook…” 


Celtic Cross Afghan & Pillow

Page 116:  I am posting another view of the Celtic Cross Afghan so that you will know how both sides should look.



Aran Afghan's Matching Pillows

Well, it's been a very busy week working in technology in the Barker household! I'm so glad to offer this set of patterns on Ravely.  I've had them prepared for a few years, but couldn't find a good home for them.  Now I can get them out of the archives and to you!  If you are a fan of Aran Afghans then you will recognize that these are designed to match!  Each pattern also includes a stitch guide and video links.  Should you need left-handed videos, these are available on this website under "video", as well as on the Bonnie Bay Crochet Youtube channel.

Here's the link:   

This collection contains 4 pillows as pictured below...

Orange (Aran) Pillow


Sage Green Pillow


Tan Sampler Pillow


White Diamond Pillow


Celtic Cabled Coffee Cup Cozies

[Celtic Weave Coffee Cup Cozies]

How's that for alliteration? These little cozies are so much fun to make, and dare I say practical as well. I just got back from lunch with a friend who was drinking her hot beverage from one of those paper cups at a local restaurant, and even with the added cardboard sleeve, it was VERY hot to touch!

[Ribbed Coffee Cup Cozy]

These can be made for existing odds and ends of the yarn you already have in your stash - which makes for a very economical gift! Each can be made in 30 minutes or less, depending upon your skill level.  

[Cabled Coffee Cup Cozy]

This e-book is my very first on Ravelry! I plan on having a basket of these available for upcoming craft fairs for the holidays. Each pattern can be made in a variety of ways, depending upon your yarn selection, buttons added, etc. You can download all three patterns in this e-book for only $2.99.