Blessings, Bikinis and Bloomingdales

Only one day to go before the Chain Link Conference ends.  Where did the time go?  Before I go to bed this morning (it's already 12:24 am, so I'll try to be quick), I just wanted to share some of the big blessings of my day in Manchester.  It seems everywhere I turn I see some of the happiest, most pleasant & friendly people in the world - and I promise you I'm not exaggerating.  Crocheters and knitters are the folks you want to have as friends in your life!  

One special highlight for my daughter and me was when Margaret Hubert, the most recent inductee into the CGOA Hall of Fame (yes, there really is one!), sat at our table in the crochet lounge and talked with us for about an hour.  This amazing lady (and a lady she is in every sense of the word), has published over 21 books plus countless other things in the needlecraft industry for over 40 years!  She is a storehouse of knowledge and a delight to talk with.  She had many of us greatly entertained as she relayed her beginnings in the 1970's as she interviewed with Bloomingdale's.  During the interview she was asked to present some of her original designs, one of which was a crocheted bikini!  She was told that this was a bit too risque for Bloomingdale's, but he did recommend her to a couple of publishers of women's magazines, thus sealing her fate as a fiber designer.  She was quick to tell us, just as she did her interviewer, "I don't model EVERYTHING that I design!"  : )

Of course Mrs. Hubert did mention that it was the '70s, which reminded me of the bikini I made as a teenager. The year was 1976.  I know this not because of my fantastic memory, but because that was the year we were all celebrating our country's bicentennial by making everything red, white and blue.  Crochet patterns were scarce back then, the internet wasn't even a dream, so I tended to crochet any and every pattern I could get my hands on, whether I liked the pattern or not.  Well, my bikini was not only red, white and blue, but it was also primarily made up of granny squares!  (I believe it even came out of an old Crochet World magazine.)  However, I will also use Margaret Hubert's disclaimer and promise that I never have (or will for that matter) model this particular project..... and on that note, goodnight!  (Zzzzzz....)

Resting very well in His grace tonight,


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Hi, Bonnie! I enjoyed seeing you at the conference! I'm glad we got the chance to sit together at the fashion show dinner. I'm looking forward to next time!

July 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDonna Hulka

I am absolutely in love with Crochet Bikinis. The way they naturally stretch to fit the body is wonderful!

August 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBikinis

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