The Tree of Life Afghan Crochet Along Schedule 

The proposed schedule of our crochet along is listed below. As you can see it starts off slowly in the first 3 weeks to allow time for learning, but then picks up speed in the later portion.


I would love to see your progress but will ask you to post photos that are in keeping with each week's schedule. In other words, let’s save the completed afghan photos for later in the crochet along. We want to come alongside one another in the week by week progression, and these are the photos that we want to see!


I am so looking forward to seeing the various colors you all have chosen. You can post all photos to my Bonnie Bay Crochet Facebook page. Should you ever have questions on these assignments, please post these here as well. You may very well be helping someone else to understand by doing so! Here’s the schedule:


Sept. 3: Week 1/Video #1 Foundation chain&rows, Tree Pattern Rows 1-16

Sept. 10: Week 2/Video #2 Tree Pattern Rows 17-30

Sept. 17: Week 3/Video #3 Tree Pattern Rows 31-40

Sept. 24: Week 4/Video #4 Tree Pattern Rows 41-55 + sc rows

Oct. 1: Week 5/Video #5 Divider, Flowers Pattern, Divider + sc rows

Oct. 8: Week 6/Video #6 Tree Pattern Rows 1-55

Oct. 15: Week 7/Video #7 Perimeter Rounds, Leaves and Finishing


You can download a copy of the free pattern courtesy of Lion Brand Yarns here.

You can always contact me via my facebook page or directly at bonniebay@me.com. 

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