Class, Crochet, Eat, Crochet, Eat, Shop, Crochet....

This is day 3 for us at the Chain Link Conference and we are still standing!  Of course looking at an amazing array of yarn in the exhibition area would revive anyone with even the remotest interest in the fiber arts.  Despite having been given "the gift that keeps on giving"  (i.e., a cold) by an unnamed daughter before leaving home, I managed the strength to do my duty to stimulate the economy of a few yarn dealers. 

After teaching crochet for a couple of decades, today I officially took my first crochet class.  I learned more about various styles of moebius' and how they are constructed.  My teacher, Karen Klemp was so gracious, patient and helpful.  She has given me a few new tools for my crochet tool box.  Thanks Karen!

Well, better get some rest so I can be ready for day 4.  

Resting in His grace,




New Hampshire Tastes Great!

Well, besides being the place for the Chain Link Conference, Manchester has already proven itself in one of my other passions in life:  PIZZA!  Becky and I had no problem polishing off a "Moosehead Special" at the Portland Pie Co.  Of course lunch was also interesting:  a pretzel hotdog and pretzel from Auntie Ann's from Reagan National. We are definitely a far cry from the South Beach thingy, but hey, isn't that what vacations are all about?  : )

Blessings from crochet paradise,



New Hampshire, Here We Come!

In less than 6 days I'll be on my way to the 2012 Knit and Crochet Show (hmmm, I wonder if they would consider changing that to "Crochet and Knit Show?") in Manchester, NH!  I am especially excited because my daughter Becky will be accompanying this time.  I've managed to talk her into being a model for a couple of projects that will be in the fashion show on Saturday night.  If you've never attended one of these shows I strongly recommend that you consider it.  Words just won't do to describe the wonderful time with fellow crocheters, the creativity, and the just plain fun!  I attended my first conference last September in Greensboro, NC on an extreme shoe-string budget, taking in only a small fraction of the offerings and was blown away by the experience. 

If anyone else out there will be attending too and would like to get together for a meal at the conference, please let me know.  

Resting in His grace,


Below:  Some of the amazingly fun folks I had the pleasure of meeting in Greensboro at the 2011 Knit and Crochet Show!

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